Brock is the first gym leader from the Kanto Region or used to be at least until his father Flint took over and Brock joined Ash on his adventure Ash managed to beat Brock in battle when Pikachu accidentally turned on the sprinkler system in the gym weakening Brock's pokemon Onix Brock is one of eleven kids and his mother loves water pokemon Brock also has an obsession with girls namely Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny

== Brock's Pokemon==


Steelix (evolved from Onix)

Crobat (Evolved from Golbat which evolved from Zubat)

Ludicolo (Evolved from Lombre which evolved from Lotad

Foretress (Evolved from Pineco)

Sudowoodo (Evolved from Bonsly)

Happiny (Hatched from egg)


Marshtomp (Evolved from Mudkip)