Captainamerica (1)

Captain America only appeared in a flashback in the episode "Operation Rebirth" in which he is made into a super soldier during World War II through the use of a stasis tank chamber called Operation Rebirth, he gets incredible physical prowess but at a cost, a defect in the process causes eventual cellular brake down, forcing Capt. to be put into stasis until a cure can be found. During the war however he participates in a joint operation with Canadian solider Logan (Wolverine) to liberate a POW camp where he saves a boy named Erik Lehnsherr the future Magneto. When he begins to brake down he and Logan destroy Project Rebirth so that no one else will have to suffer through his condition. Logan later learns that another one was built and stolen by Magneto, because he is getting old and Project Rebirth has a Fountain of Youth like affect on mutants. The episode ends with Logan visiting Captain America's stasis chamber telling his former comrade that they'll find a cure for his condition eventually and also assuring him that they made a great team.