290px-He works the camera

Carl is Major Monogram's intern and cameraman in the O.W.C.A. Carl is a bit careless and sometimes forgets to focus the camera on Major Monogram when he is briefing Agent P on his mission. In one such episode he forgets to zoom in on Major Monogram's face and reveals that he (Major Monogram isn't wearing any pants. In another episode he disguises himself as a female employee at Blue Print Heaven and accidentally gives Ferb blueprints for a Space Laser-Inator causing Monogram to call him a rookie which may mean that he started working at the beginning of the summer. He is very loyal to Major Monogram and is working at the O.W.C.A. for college credit it is unknown however how he found out about the organization in the first place.


  • His full name is Carl Karl
  • He drives an undercover ice cream truck
  • He has his own (fictional) website
  • He was born without nostrils and therefore has no sense of smell