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Welcome to Cartoon Characters Wiki

this is a wiki about cartoon characters from any franchise that anyone can edit or add to.

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Help Wanted

This wiki is unbelievably small considering the topic. There at hundreds of thousands of cartoon characters in the world and everybody has a favorite so feel free to invite your friends to submit articles or write some yourselves

thank you in advance- Superfool14

Cartoon Characters Posted

This wiki is all about cartoon characters whether it be Dr. Mario or Dr. Doofenshmirtz or anybody else I aim to have a page for each of them here on cartoon characters wiki

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To anybody who wishes to make updates to my page CN City. Help would be most appreciated.

Please make sure to add any new characters to the proper decade. Also, remember to label their names to the show they are from. For example Pingu (Pingu).

Lana Loud

This Week

Don't worry I'm still alive here's an update:

Kermit the Frog: the frog who ate a butterfly and got rejected by American Idol from the Cartoon Network series, MAD


  • Cartoon characters can be either in animations, anime/mangas, comics, illustrate literature, video games, puppetry or toys.
  • Do not add live-action shows and characters in this wiki, unless if they are puppets or in their cartoon versions.
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