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Chip and Dale are two cartoon chipmunks created by the Walt Disney Company. Their names are based on the name of a furniture designer in London in the mid-1700s named Thomas Chippendale. Though they appear similar, they are actually pretty different. Chip is the schemer, and has a small black nose, two small front teeth, and short, smooth hair on his head, while Dale is goofy and dim-witted, and has a large red nose, two large buck teeth, and ruffled hair on his head. Chip and Dale are known for being Pluto's antagonist (enemy), and they also sometimes oppose Donald Duck. They were given their own cartoon in the 50's, but only three cartoons were made; Two Chips and a Miss, The Lone Chipmunks, and Chicken in the Rough. Chip and Dale also appeared in their own series called Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers.

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