Donkey is Shrek's best friend and side kick ,who he sometimes finds to be very annoying. He first appears in
Shrek as a magical animal being sold to the evil lord farquad. He accompanies Shrek on his mission to rescue princess Fiona from the dragon. the dragon falls in love with Donkey and eventually (some how) they have dronkey (dragon/donkey) babies. In the second movie he befriended Puss in Boots and was even turned into a big white stallion though this was reversed towards the end of the movie. In Shrek the 3rd he and Puss switch bodies and must save far far away from Prince Charming. Finally in Shrek forever after he first meets Shrek while pulling a wagon that is taking him to Rumplestiltskin. At first he is scared of Shrek but int he end he helps him get back to the real world and they live happily ever after. Being a donkey, Donkey loves to sing and his favorite foods consist of waffles, parfait, and upside down coconut soufle with mango chutney sauce.
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