Gary the Snail is Spongebob's pet snail.

Gary is the rightful king of Bikini Bottom and is related to Patrick as revealed in the episode "Rule of the Dumb" Gary has been Spongebob's pet since he (boob) was very young and still living with his parents, Gary is an intelligent and fully domesticated snail Gary was also the one who taught boob how to tie his shoes revealing to have feet and wear shoes. In one episode Gary runs away from home after boob forgets to feed him Gary wanders aimlessly in search of a new home and goes into the dangerous inner city until he is found by elderly woman who pampers and overfeeds him and names him Mr. Tuffsy he soon learns however that the old woman is a snail killer and upon learning that Spongebob is looking for him he realizes that Spongebob does indeed love him and goes back to him. Gary usually speaks in meow except for on three occasions once was in the episode "Sleepy Time" in his own dream another was in "Secret Box" where he says "Err...No," and the third time was in "The Spongebob Squarepants Movie" where he says "Meow Plankton," when under the control of one of Plankton's mind control helmets. one of his nicknames are Gerald,Wilson jr and Gary.Finally, GARY WAS A LITTLE PUSSY CAT


Trivia Edit

  • Gary's full name is Garald Betram the Snail II
  • On opposite day Gary barks
  • Gary has been shown to able to levitate, teleport, play the violin and tie his own shoes
  • Gary pays most of the bills in Spongebob's house
  • Gary hates Squidward and is the only one who realizes that Smelly is actually Squidward
  • Gary is not a purebred snail his father Sluggo was a leach
  • Patrick and Gary are first cousins
  • Gary has ten toes
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