Jafar started out as the advisor to the Sultan of Agrabah. However he soon was filled with the desire to rule Agrabah he set about this by attempting to obtain the magic lamp from the cave of wonders however he cannot figure out how to keep it open until he finds Aladdin. Jafar tricked Aladdin into going into the cave of wonders to retrieve the lamp for him but Aladdin's monkey, Abu didn't heed Jafar's warnings of not to touch anything besides for the lamp caused the cave to collapse. Jafar is able to hypnotize people with his magic serpent head staff and uses this ability to hypnotize the Sultan. Jafar is in love with Princess Jasmine and is almost never seen without his wise guy parrot, Iago. Later in the movie when Jafar gets hold of the magic lamp he uses one of his wishes to become a genie himself. Aladdin then sucks Jafar and Iago into Jafar's lamp defeating the villain.


  • Jafar is the male equivalent to Maleficent. Both of them are sorcerers, both turn into a giant reptile creature to vanquish their enemies (Jafar into a huge serpent, Maleficent into a dragon), they both have bird side kicks, and of course they're pure evil.
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