Luigi Mario is Mario Mario's  younger brother and partner in fighting crime in the Mushroom Kingdom. Luigi was originally made as the Player 2 character in multiplayer gameplay but has since developed a personality of his own. Luigi has starred in two games Mario is Missing and Luigi's Mansion in both Luigi steps up to the plate in order to save his brother 


  • In the game Super Scribblenauts the freemason resembles Luigi
  • Luigi is the better jump of the two brothers
  • Luigi's last name is Mario
  • Luigi is younger than Mario
  • Luigi's final smash move in Super Smash Bros Brawl, Negative Zone is a sorcerer's magic attack that is fueled by his dislike of being in his brother's shadow
  • He has a crush on Princess Daisy as the Waluigi
  • While Mario's name is based on Mario Segale, Luigi's is based on a popular pizzeria named Mario and Luigi's
  • Mario and Luigi's signature colors (red and green) are complementary