Mario is the main protagonist of the Super Mario series and the legendary mascot of Nintendo. Mario is an Italian plumber who often uses his combat abilities to protect the usually peaceful Mushroom Kingdom from enemies like Bowser, Bowser jr. and Fawful. However when not rescuing his friends (Peach) and family (Luigi ) from Bowser Mario likes to participate in sporting events and even works as a doctor in the Dr. Mario games.


Mario was created by Shigeru Miyamato after Nintendo lost the license to use the Popeye universe as the base of their video games. Mario replaced Popeye and first appeared in a Donkey Kong arcade game where he was named Jump Man. Jump Man was changed to Mario after an employee at NYC pointed out the physical similarities between Jump Man and Nintendo's landlord Mario Segale


  • Mario's original name was Jump Man
  • Bowser has helped Mario on at least two occasions one was in Mario and Luigi: Bowser's inside story where you play as Mario, Luigi and Bowser and in Super Mario Sluggers where Wario sent a Bullet Bill at Mario and Bowser deflected it just for the sake of hitting Wario with it
  • Mario and Luigi's last names are actually Mario
  • A Mario statue made out of wax stands in the Hollywood wax museum this is currently the only wax statue of a video game character
  • Shugeru Miyamato drew Mario with a cap because he found it difficult to draw hair he also drew him with a moustache because it was easier to see than a mouth in the crude video game resolution back then
  • Mario is older than Luigi
  • Mario has known Yoshi since he (Mario) was a baby