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In 1998 Post Cereals came out with a cereal called Oreo O's the cereal was based on the popular cookie Oreos. Later a variation of the cereal was made called Extreme Creme Taste Oreo O's which contained oreo filling flavored marshmallows. The mascots for these cereals were a multitude of small fluffy white men that could turn into the marshmallows that were in the cereal. These characters all looked identical and all wore sunglasses and enjoyed dancing and diving into bowls of Extreme Creme Taste Oreo O's.


  • They had a little bit of attitude.
    • They also had a lot of creamy taste.
  • These guys (or at least one of them) still appear in Korea where Extreme Creme Taste Oreo O's are still made (They stopped being in 2007 in America)
  • The Postopia game Oreo O's Creme Team Journey refers to them as "Creme Guys".