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Perry the Platypus, also known as Agent P or just Perry, is a main character in the Disney channel show, Phineas and Ferb. Perry, voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, is the Flynn-Fletchers' (Phineas and Ferb's ' family) pet platypus. The Flynn-Fletchers don't know though, that Perry is really a secret agent for a secret agency called O.W.C.A.( Organization Without a Cool Acronym). He has daily battles with his nemesis, Dr. Doofenshmirtz , an evil professor who wants to take over the "tri-state area." Perry is green in color, and has an orange tail, orange feet and an orange beak, and when he's on a secret mission he wears a brown detective hat. He doesn't speak, he only makes a clicking sound with his mouth, and he has a theme song called "Perry".

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