I am Starscream!

Ramjet is one of the eight Starscream clones from Transformers Animated. Ramjet is the liar Starscream clone meaning every single word that comes out of his mouth is a lie, he even claimed he was the original Starscream once. Then denied that he said that, and then denied being a liar when Slipstream called him one. Ramjet was captured by Prowl during the Space Bridge battle and later freed by Sunstorm. Once Starscream's head was cut off Ramjet kicked his body in the shin and decided to stop following Starscream's orders. He was then kicked a few miles away by Omega Supreme. He survived the kick and later sided with Lockdown and pretended to be captured, once he stopped pretending he tried to take down Sentinel Prime but was defeated. He then ended up in jail where he was freed by Swindle along with some other Decepticons including Sunstorm. He was given a cone shaped helmet while Sunstorm was given a cube shaped helmet (so Swindle could tell them apart.) He was later recaptured and sent directly to jail on Cybertron.


  • Ramjet's color scheme is based on the G1 Ramjet
  • Swindle gives him a helmet that makes him look like a cone head (the original Ramjet was a cone head)
  • Ramjet has appeared in more episodes than any of the other Starscream clones
  • Ramjet's name was revealed in the Transformers Animated Almanac