Safeguard is Vector Prime's mini con partner from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy. Safeguard is originally from the275px-Safeguard-CybArt (1) planet Gigantion but was trapped in a shuttle pod that blasted off along with Jolt, Six Speed, and Reverb, during a game of hide and go seek and floated aimlessly through space. Eventually they were found by Vector Prime and they joined him on his journeys. Safeguard make very few appearances in the series aside from being attached to Vector Prime. He was sent to investigate underwater ruins off an island which turned out to be only a replication and not the real omega lock. Later when Vector Prime sacrificed himself Safeguard remained with the other mini cons and following the Auto-Bot's victory over the Decepticons and the black hole he was seen looking sadly at the launch pad at the Auto-Bot's base and imagined he saw Vector Prime taking off.