The Abominable Snowman (who would much rather be called the Adorable Snowman or the Agreeable Snowman) was a monster who used to work at Monsters Inc. until he was banished (for an unknown reason) to the Himalayas. Despite being banished he likes living in the human world.

When Mike and Sully are banished to the Himalayas he greets them and makes them feel comfortable by welcoming them into his cave and making lemon snow cones for them. He has a friend named "King Itchy" who is better know as Bigfoot. When the Yeti mentions a nearby human village Sully who still want to help Boo asks if there are any children in the village the Yeti tell his that there are but also warns him not to go out in a blizzard. Sully ignores him and goes off into the blizzard. He is last seen telling Sully that he made more snow cones after Mike threw the first batch at Sully .

Trivia Edit

  • He also makes a cameo in the film Cars in the end credits.