Wile E. Coyote is a coyote from the popular Looney Tunes series and costars in his own segment along with Road Runner in this segment Wile E. often tries to kill/capture Road Runner so he can eat him however Road Runner often out smarts him and his traps end up affecting himself Wile E. cannot speak so instead he holds up signs where he's in pain or nervous these signs usually say things like "Uh oh", "Yikes", "Ouch" or help Wile E. has also been known to go after Bugs Bunny as well

A running gag is that poor Wile E Coyote inventions to help him catch the Road Runner always backfire on him; another gag is that usually Wile E Coyote ends up falling into the bottom of canyon. Once in a Elmer Fudd Short had Elmer falling down a canyon-only to be overtaken by Wile E Coyote who shows a sign asking Emler to step aside for someone who is more experienced in falling! Another time the Road Runnder put a spring under Wile E. Coyote to fall into-Wile E. Coyote held a sign "Thanks" but flew up to disaster. Likewise when Wile E Coyote tried in at least three different cartoons {in which he actually speaks} in order to catch Bugs Bunny-but fails as usual! Once Wile E Coyote actually paired himself with Sylvestor Cat in order to catch their respective prey-the Road Runner and Speedy Gonzales but as usual both of them fail! A similar cartoon charachter to Wile E Coyote is Ralph Wolf who tries to get a sheep from Sam the Shepdog but fails every time!


  • Wile E Coyote Super Genius
  • UHOH
  • Yikes
  • Ouch
  • Help
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