Yoshi is a nintendo dinosaur that comes in many colors but mostly green Yoshi is well known for his long tongue, his ability to lay eggs and his special move called flutter jump where he jumps in the air and kicks to stay afloat Yoshi is Mario's pet and often appears in games being ridden by Mario or Baby Mario Shigeru Miyamoto came up with the idea of Mario riding a dinosaur (some people say because he enjoyed horseback riding) he wanted to get Yoshi out there as soon as possible but the only Nintendo Entertainment system out there at the time was the Nintendo Entertainment System (nes) which had limited capabilities so he wasn't able to but when the more powerful and capable Super Nintendo System (SNES) came out Yoshi made his debut in Super Mario World he was so popular that the next Super Mario bros game called Super Mario Bros2: Yoshi's island revolved around him ever since Yoshi has appeared in several Nintendo games and the Super Mario Bros movie


  • Yoshi is said to be named after Yoshi's island on which he was discovered on
  • Yoshi along with Kirby, Toad and other characters have the same name as his species